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Caren B. Rifkin

Caren Rifkin is a licensed clinical social worker and board-certified biofeedback therapist, with over 35 years of clinical and administrative experience working with individuals, groups, couples, children and families in diverse settings, such as private practice, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, corporations and mental health centers. A career provider of integrative mental health counseling, specializing in effective methods for stress reduction, Caren is also a collaboratively trained law coach. She is committed to helping individuals and families work together to manage the challenges of divorce.

Advanced training in mind body health, and an integrative and individualized approach for each person and problem helps her to aid others in establishing skills and practices that improve their mental and physical well-being, which creates the foundation for healthy emotional expression, self-confidence, life skills, self care and effective decision making.

As a collaboratively trained mental health law coach and mediator, Caren assists clients in civil and family law matters, helping them achieve fair and peaceful settlements through a focused and respectful process. With special training in conflict resolution, mediation, principled and interest based negotiation and collaborative divorce coaching, Caren collaborates with other professionals to ensure that a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to every problem is always considered.

Years of experience as a psychotherapist, biofeedback trainer, and couples and family counselor have provided Caren with the necessary skills and experience to facilitate settlement meetings, and to prepare and assist clients to manage emotions while being able to express their needs and priorities during negotiation. Communication is typically very difficult during this time, and may even seem impossible to achieve. Caren helps in that process by providing education, guidance and support, so a positive manner of communication is possible…and the desired outcomes can be reached legally, financially and emotionally.  

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