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As a Collaborative Practice Coach, Caren has specialized training in conflict resolution, mediation, principled and interest based negotiation and collaborative divorce coaching.

Providing proper education and establishing trust between divorcing parties is of highest priority. Years of experience as a psychotherapist, biofeedback trainer, and couples and family counselor have equipped Caren with the necessary skills and experience to facilitate collaborative team meetings, and to prepare and assist clients to manage emotions while being able to express their needs and priorities during negotiation. Caren’s years of experience working with a highly respected, dedicated and experienced network of collaborative attorneys, financial specialists and coaches have helped numerous clients in family law matters reach fair and peaceful settlements through a focused and respectful process.

The Collaborative Practice Coach, a valuable member of the collaborative team, has two roles in the process:

As a Facilitator, the Collaborative Practice Coach helps to organize meetings and the flow of information so that the process is always efficient and moving forward. Caren manages the collaborative process framework and meeting schedules, keeps meetings on track, and addresses problematic dynamics that occur which impede communication and effectiveness of a couple’s ability to discuss their needs and interests and make decisions.

Caren also assists team members in the collaborative process with any support that may be helpful. She is committed to working together as team facilitator to establish highly functional team processes; providing the highest level of collaboration and professional guidance is the most important priority so that clients can reach their goals and experience a high level of satisfaction during and when they reach their agreement.

As a counselor and psychotherapist, Caren is uniquely qualified to assist clients in managing the emotions of divorce, encouraging effective communication skills, identifying priorities, developing effective co-parenting skills and helping to formulate parenting plans. Addressing the couple’s dynamics in a skilled and respectful manner facilitates communication and productive discussion, ultimately leading to effective decision making.

Addressing issues that arise during the collaborative process helps parents to think clearly about the best possible plan for their family. Assistance is particularly needed when there is high conflict and disagreement on parenting practices: diffusing conflict and assisting with discussion and communication skills allows divorcing parents to develop a parenting plan that will work for the entire family. Caren’s background in psychotherapy and counseling give her a specialized ability in helping families negotiate these stressful emotional hurdles.

When a divorcing couple treats each other like adversaries in a lawsuit, the effects can be devastating to individuals and families. When a couple chooses to divorce using collaborative practice, the process is distinctly different. Working collaboratively with a professional team and coaching couples during the divorce settlement process has shown me over and over again, that despite high conflict situations, the benefits of working together in this way are significant. Most importantly, the outcomes that are achieved have a substantially positive impact on the children of divorcing couples.